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Appliances and Systems Protected by a Home Warranty

Things break. Often when you least expect it or can’t afford it. Your heater stops as winter starts or your refrigerator goes out when it’s packed full of food. Your home warranty can’t prevent home systems and appliances from breaking, but it can help protect your budget when they do. With a home warranty you also don’t need to worry about the hassle of finding a qualified professional to get the work done.

Last year, nearly two-thirds of home warranty customers used their home warranty to place at least one claim. Major carriers of home warranty protection spent more than $180 million annually fixing heating and air condition systems, refrigerators, washers, dryers, and more. All for homeowners just like you.  

So what does a home warranty protect? Here are the most common items repaired or replaced each year:

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Heating and Air Conditioning Home Warranty Protection

Your heating and air conditioning systems work hard to keep you comfortable all year long. It can be easy to take these systems for granted, until they break down. And repairing or replacing your air conditioner or heating system isn’t cheap.

Here is a range what it can cost to repair or replace these items without a home warranty:

Air Conditioner: $706 to $2,989

Heating System: $684 to $2,753

Appliances Protected by a Home Warranty

Home appliances simplify so many of our daily chores. Can you image cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry without your stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, or washer and dryer? Unfortunately, with age and normal wear and tear, home appliance breakdowns are inevitable. That’s why your home warranty is such a great asset to protect you from expenses like these:

Refrigerator: $981 to $2,819

Oven/Range: $851 to $2,935

Plumbing and Water Heater Home Warranty Protection

Our homes are filled with faucets and pipes that can drip and break, so it’s probably no surprise that plumbing is next on the list of top home warranty repairs. Water is crucial to so many home appliances, and the only thing worse than no water is too much water when or where you don’t want it!

Here are a range of repair or replace costs for your home that a home warranty can help cover.

Plumbing: $460 to $1,500

Water heater: $860 to $1,600

Electrical System Home Warranty Protection

Most of us only think about our home’s electricity when we pay our monthly utility bill. That is, until an outlet or switch isn’t working, a circuit keeps tripping, or your lights are flickering. Home electrical problems aren’t something you should ignore, either, as electrical problems can lead to home fires.

Here is what it can cost to repair or replace your home electrical system without a home warranty:

Electrical System: $400 to $1,655

What’s Covered in Your Home Warranty Plan?

Not sure what systems and appliances are covered by your home warranty plan? Check your home warranty contract and guide, or reach out to your Wagner Real Estate agent or Merlin Wagner to see what items are in your plan.


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